Osteopath Birmingham

It was Birmingham osteopath who founded the Guildhall Practice almost 30 years ago, and it remains our bed-rock.

We have three locations in Birmingham. Firstly the city centre, then Kings Heath and finally Edgbaston.  

We provide excellent physical therapy and also superb service.

Our personalised service, along with the friendly and relaxed atmosphere will make you feel comfortable and cared for from your first visit. 

We are a multi-disciplinary team including osteopaths, physiotherapists as well as sports massage therapists.

Finally, we have the expertise, knowledge and experience and passion to help you. The team will support you, in order for you to achieve your true potential. 

Therefore you should rest assured that you are safe in our hands.  

97% of patients; after their first treatment gave 10/10 when asked:

“How likely are you to recommend a close friend or family member?”

Osteopathic Treatment

“…Osteopaths use a number of non-invasive treatments such as touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage to restore bodily equilibrium through increasing the mobility of joints, relieving muscle tension, enhancing blood and nerve supply to tissues, and encouraging an individual’s own healing mechanisms.” NHS.

Your osteopathic treatment often consists of a combination of techniques, dependent upon your individual needs.

The techniques used will also depend upon your preferences, and we will never include techniques that you may be uncomfortable with.

Osteopathic Soft Tissue Manipulation.

Most treatments will involve a degree of osteopathic soft tissue manipulation.

Firstly, massage helps to reduce the tension within the soft tissues, including the muscles, tendons and connective tissue.

Secondly, it helps the Osteopath to prepare the area around specific joints that we aim to adjust.

Osteopathic Manipulation.

Osteopaths also adjust individual, specific joints, which we call manipulation.

Firstly, the aim of manipulation is to create a slightly gap within the joint, creating a clicking sound.

It is rarely painful, and it restores the mobility to the specific joints being adjusted.

Secondly, as osteopaths, the manipulation is done in isolation of the soft tissue massage. Because, it is our experience that the more relaxed the surrounding muscles are, the easier it is to manipulate.

Finally, you can read more about osteopathy and what to expect if you follow the link.

Learn More About Osteopathic Treatment

“The friendly and relaxed atmosphere will make you feel comfortable as well as cared for from your very first visit. ”

Osteopath Birmingham

The team at The Guildhall Practice is dedicated to providing the highest possible care for all of our patients.

Patients attend for a multitude of reasons, from newborn babies suffering with cholic, to competitive sports people using osteopathy to improve their performance, or the elderly in order to maintain their mobility.

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Finally, you can rest assured that the whole team in Birmingham are a patient-centred. We are particularly determined to get the best results as quickly as we can.

We have answered the most frequently asked questions below. However, please don’t hesitate to call if you would like more information.

osteopath birmingham

We are all registered with the General Osteopathic Council, (GOsC). We must demonstrate that we are continually developing our skills and knowledge in order to remain registered.

Morgan Fallon.  Registered Osteopath.

Andrew W. Leask.  Registered Osteopath.

Ruby Myatt. Registered Osteopath.

Simon Bell. Registered Osteopath.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge For Osteopathic Treatment ?

We charge £45 for the initial consultation and treatment, as well as for subsequent treatments.

We allow more time during the initial appointment to take your case history, examine, diagnose and then also to treat.

Birmingham Osteopath

What Happens During My First Appointment ? 

During your initial 45 minute appointment your osteopath will conduct an assessment and also treat you.

Firstly, they will take a case history where they will ask questions relating to the current injury and also your general health.

Please bring a list of your current medication with you, along with any test results that you may have.

The Osteopath will then take you through some mobility tests in order to diagnose your complaint. 

We will always give you an explanation of the diagnosis, and also information about the particular treatment approach which suits your needs.

Birmingham Osteopath

What Is Osteopathic Treatment Like ? 

There are a large number of different techniques that osteopaths use in order to treat patients.

Osteopathic study requires us all to learn the same theoretical as well as practical skills.

However, in practice we choose the techniques which we feel will best suit our patient’s needs.

Therefore, each osteopath works in a slightly different way.

Firstly, osteopathic treatment is very rarely painful. In fact patients generally enjoy their treatments.

Treatment often includes soft tissue massage, articulation or stretching of the joints, and also manipulation when appropriate. 

Your osteopath will also frequently prescribe an exercise regime.

We design this to support you in your rehabilitation and also to help to prevent the symptoms returning. 

Finally, one of the benefits of a group-practice is that we have different skills.

We will refer you to another member of the team if they are a better match for your individual needs.

Birmingham Osteopath

What Should I Wear ?

Your Osteopath will, certainly, do their best to respect your modesty at all 

However, it is important that you tell them whenever you feel uncomfortable. 

During the examination and treatment your osteopath will, normally, ask you to remove some of your clothing .

Most patients undress to their underwear, however, in order to feel comfortable you may bring a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to change into. 

You are also always free to bring along a friend or relative with you to act as your chaperone. 

Do You treat Sports Injuries ?

We have a long history of treating sports people at the Guildhall Practice with injuries as well as for maintenance.

Sports people find that the philosophy of osteopathy fits in well with their approach to training and also with their prepare for competition.

Osteopaths see the body as an integrated whole, hence, each part has an effect on other areas.

Firstly, we have found that athletes respond very well to treatment when they become injured.

However, we find that regular maintenance based treatment reduces the risk of injury.

The practice has worked particularly closely with Birchfield harriers for almost 30 Years.

Andrew Leask, the director of the practice, also worked for Perform at St George’s Park, the new national centre for football.

Where he  treated footballers as well as other athletes.

Birmingham Osteopath

What Experience Do You Have Treating Performance Related Injuries ?

All of the major Arts organisations in Birmingham respect The Guildhall Practice for our work in performance medicine.

In fact we have provided excellent healthcare within performance medicine for almost 30 years.

We have helped all types of performers to reach their full potential, and we are passionate about this.

We work very closely with many of the ballet dancers as well as the staff from Birmingham Royal Ballet.

The team from the Guildhall Practice also work with the REP theatre during most of their shows.

We often give advice as well as therapeutic support throughout the period from initial rehearsals right through to the performances.

The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire employ Andrew Leask as a performance medicine consultant.

His work there involves treating musicians and also conducting research into the patterns of movement using motion detecting sensors.