Birmingham Physiotherapist

Our Physiotherapists form a particularly important part of our multi-disciplinary Birmingham team. The Guildhall Practice was established in 1993 in Birmingham city centre and subsequently expended into Kings Heath and Edgbaston. We treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries and we also specialise in sports, dance and performance related injuries. Often these injuries relate toContinue reading “Birmingham Physiotherapist”

Physiotherapist Birmingham

The Guildhall Practice is the “go-to” clinic for physiotherapist treatment in Birmingham. Firstly, we are conveniently local. For example, we have practices in Birmingham city centre, Edgbaston and Kings Heath. Secondly, we are well established. The Guildhall Practice was established in Birmingham city centre in 1993. Finally, we have a brilliant team of practitioners withContinue reading “Physiotherapist Birmingham”

Physio in Birmingham

The Guildhall Practice in Birmingham is well especially well regarded as being the “go-to” venue for physio treatment.  Firstly, we have three established practices in Birmingham. One in the city centre, Kings Heath and also Edgbaston Five ways.  Secondly, we are a group practice. We  have a team including physios, osteopaths and also sports massageContinue reading “Physio in Birmingham”

Birmingham Physiotherapy

Firstly, The Guildhall Practice is well established and particularly well regarded for providing excellent physiotherapy treatment in Birmingham. Secondly, have three practice locations in Birmingham. Initially we opened the city centre practice in 1993 followed by practices in Kings Heath, and finally Kings Heath. Thirdly, we are a multi-disciplinary practice, offering physiotherapy, osteopathy and alsoContinue reading “Birmingham Physiotherapy”

Physiotherapy Birmingham

The team at The Guildhall Practice are, above all, committed to delivering the very best physiotherapy treatment in Birmingham. We are well established and particularly well regarded as being the “go-to” clinic for physiotherapy in Birmingham. Regardless of the injury, you can always expect the same high level of expertise and care from every memberContinue reading “Physiotherapy Birmingham”

Physiotherapist Birmingham City Centre

The Guildhall Practice was originally established in Birmingham city centre in 1993, and our physiotherapists have been particularly important members of the team since the beginning. We are a multi-disciplinary team of physical therapists offering physiotherapy, osteopathy as well as sports massage therapy. The practice is in Newhall Street, conveniently located within the Colmore BusinessContinue reading “Physiotherapist Birmingham City Centre”

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