Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre

The Guildhall Practice is renowned for providing excellent sports massage treatments in Birmingham city centre.

It is a multi-disciplinary group practice, where each member is particularly committed to providing the very best in health care.

First and foremost, every treatment is specifically aimed at meeting your individual need. Therefore, we use a wide range of techniques, aimed at reducing muscle tension and also improving your mechanical pattern.

Sports massage treatments are a particularly specialised form of massage. It is certainly not simply a sequence of massage movements.

We are especially fortunate to have worked with many of the regions top sports people.

However, you do not need to be an athlete to have sports massage. It is of benefit to everybody, regardless of your age or the level of your activity.

97% of patients; after their first treatment gave 10/10 when asked:

“How likely are you to recommend a close friend or family member?”

Sports Massage

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

The physical benefits.

Sport massage encourages blood flow and also pumps the fluid throughout the lymphatic system.This delivers more nutrients to the damaged tissues, consequently, having an enormous effect upon the recovery rate of an injury.Whilst it also helps to drain the waste products away.

The mechanical effect of sports massage helps by increasing the tissue elasticity and also by breaking down toughened scar tissue.Finally, sports massage is able to create a localised stretch of the muscle fibres.Therefore, we are able to focus the stretch onto precisely the right place.

The physiological benefits.

Firstly, one significant benefit is relaxation. The muscle fibres relax as a result of the mechanical pressure, warmth as well as the stretch generated by massage.

Secondly, it can significantly reduce muscular pain. Massage encourages increased circulation which particularly helps with the removal of toxins.Additionally it also results in the release of endorphins, which make you feel better.

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“You do not particularly need to be an athlete to have sports massage.

It is of benefit to everybody, regardless of your age or the level of your activity.”

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre

We are keen for all of our patients to become better informed so that they may better self manage an injury.

The team at the Guildhall Practice can support to recover from your injury, and give you advice in order to help to prevent it reoccurring.

Finally, we are committed to make it easy for you to arrange an appointment around your working day. Therefore, we offer are a wide variety of available appointment times.

On most days the practice opens at 7.30 AM, additionally, we remain open until 7.30 Pm on at least three evenings each week.

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Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre

Please find a list of the most frequently asked questions below.

However, please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions that we have not answered.

We look forward to seeing you at the practice.

Does Sports Massage Hurt ?

At certain moments sports massage can be particularly challenging as a treatment.

However, it certainly does not have to be painful.

First and foremost we are a patient-centred practice.

Therefore, it is important to us that you feel comfortable at all times.

Importantly, you must you tell your therapist if you are feeling uncomfortable at any time.

Our therapists are trained in a particularly wide number of techniques. Therefore, there is always another technique that could be used that is equally as effective.

Finally, there’s often a question as to what degree of pressure is optimal for effective treatment.

However, in our experience patient’s preferences vary widely.

The bottom line is, ultimately, the amount of pressure that you as a patient are comfortable with.

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre.

What are the Health Benefits of Sports Massage ?

Sports massage has been found to help in two broad areas.

It has a positive effect on you both physically and also physiologically.


The flow of blood and lymph flow increases and also muscle fibres are stretched.

Hence, you gain from an increase in flexibility.


Secondly,on a psychological level it is very effective at reducing anxiety and stress levels. Finally you will fell great because it also leads to the release of endorphins.

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre. The Guildhall Practice

What Should I Expect On My First Visit ?

The Case History.

First and foremost your massage therapist will want to understand the reason you have come for sports massage.

They will take a brief case history to record any current symptoms as well as any historic health issues. In order to ensure that it is an appropriate treatment for you.

Your massage therapist will ask you about how your injury occured and, in particular, factors which may be affecting it.

The case history allows us to build a picture of your health and activity as well as helping to build a treatment plan.

Importantly, based upon your individual needs.

The Examination.

Firstly, we will assess your general posture and your range of motion.

Then your massage therapist will then also assess any specific injuries that you may have.

The Sports Massage Treatment.

Generally patients undress to their underwear for sports massage treatment, however, by far the most important thing is that you are comfortable.

Although we have towels which we can use for your modesty, ultimately, it is entirely up to you what you wear.

Often patients will wear shorts or, alternately, gym wear that can stretch. 

The treatment is structured around your individual needs, therefore you should let your therapsist know if you ever feel uncomfortable in any way.

Finally, sports massage involves a number of different techniques.

You can read more about these in the section below.

Importantly sports massage does not need to be painful.

We can adjust the pressure, or alternatively we can choose to use a different technique.

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre. The Guildhall Practice

What Should I Wear ?

Ultimately it is completely up to you !

From our perspective it’s easiest if you are in your underwear, however, by far the most important thing is that you are comfortable.

We have towels that we use during sessions to retain your modesty.  

However, if you would rather wear more, then people regularly wear their gym kit. The important thing is that it can stretch.

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre. The Guildhall Practice

Who is Sports Massage For ?

Firstly, sports massage is not only for sports people or those involved in competitive sport.  

Most people will certainly experience some degree of muscular tension and stiffness at some point.

Increasingly our sedatory occupational lives and our recreational activities are clashing.

 For example many of us are sitting hunched over a computer all day and then we race out to get to a gym class. Unless you take the time to stretch and prepare for exercise it is likely to result in muscular tightness and pain.

We are here to help !

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre. The Guildhall Practice.

Why do Sports People Use Sports Massage ?

Competitive athletes use sports massage as a vital part of their training program.

Improved Recovery.

Firstly, it reduces the time it takes to recover between training sessions.

Better Muscle Tone.

Secondly, it reduces the muscle tone.

Therefore it improves the function of the muscles. Importantly, this reduces the potential of injury.

Injury Resolution.

When an injury occurs, sports massage is effective in supporting an athlete to recover.

Enhanced Performance.

Finally, the combined effects of all of the above lead to enhanced athletic performance.  

So, it’s not surprising that competitive athletes use sports massage as an integral part of their training schedule !

We treat a wide range of sports people at the practice, including international athletes and professional footballers.

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre. The Guildhall Practice

How Often Should I Have Sports Massage ?

It depends on a number of factors, however, in our experience a monthly treatment supported with a regular stretching regime between treatments appears to work well for most patients.

Similarly there are times when we treat competitive or professional athletes multiple times each  week. In order for them to cope with the demands of competition.

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre. The Guildhall Practice

What Conditions Do You Treat ?

Sports related Injuries.

The Guildhall team treat a variety of injuries often as a consequence of trauma.

However, they are frequently due to repetitive use.

Athletes often present with injuries such as shin splints, calf strains and also hamstring tears.

Racket sport patients often struggle with with tendon over-strain injuries. We frequently see patients with tennis elbow, as well as frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injuries.

Dance related injuries.

The Guildhall Practice has an excellent reputation in Birmingham for the treatment of dance related injuries.

For almost 30 years we have been the “go-to” practice for all of the major dance and theatre companies in Birmingham.

We work very closely with the dancers from Birmingham royal Ballet, ACE dance and music and Rosie Kay’s dance company.

The Guildhall Practice is the resident practitioners at Birmingham REP theatre.

Everyone Else !

We all have the vulnerability to have tight and aching muscles.

Often patients book appointments because they have done more exercise than normal. Maybe digging in the garden or doing DIY.

Frequently patients with  sedatory occupations often complain of tightness muscle through their neck and shoulders.

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre. The Guildhall Practice

What Do You Specialise In ?

The Guildhall Practice is widely regarded as being the “go-to” clinic in Birmingham for the treatment of sports as well as dance related injuries.

We are very proud of our long history supporting competitive sports people and professional dancers in Birmingham.

We have worked very closely with Birchfield Harriers, BRB, CBSO, ACE dance and music, Rosie Katy dance company, Birmingham REP and the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire for over 25 years.

However, we pride ourselves on providing the same excellent care for every single one of patients !

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre. The Guildhall Practice

How Soon After An Injury Should I Have Sports Massage ?

Generally it is best to allow the acute phase to ease before having a sports massage.

The inflammation normally takes about 48 hours to begin to settle.

However, you should always feel comfortable to call the practice and a member of the team will be happy to give you advice.

Importantly applying ice, elevating and resting the injury will generally help to reduce the degree of inflammation.

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre. The Guildhall Practice

Which Sports Massage Techniques We You Use ?

At The Guildhall Practice we use a combination of these techniques.

We will use whichever technique is the most appropriate for you, and importantly, for you individual needs.


Effleurageis the light contact massage technique.

We often use at the start and also the end of each session.

We use effleurage to generally increase blood flow and people, therefore, find the increased warmth relaxing.


Petrissage is a compressive movement which is similar to a ‘kneading’ movement.

Consequently, it is certainly a deeper massage technique.

We frequently use this to have a more localised effect on some deeper muscles. It is also useful for encouraging mobility between tissue layers.

Myofascial release.

Myofascial release creates a localised stretch to a particular muscle by applying a gentle pressure.

The technique is particularly effective where the connective tissue has become restricted.

Deep Tissue Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage unsurprisingly involves creating a sustained pressure upon the deeper muscle and also the soft tissue structures.

The technique is very useful for treating long-standing mechanical patterns.

Trigger Point technique.

Trigger Point technique is applied directed to a specific location, in order to affect the surrounding musculature.

They are particularly useful for affecting the larger muscle groups.

Deep Friction Massage techniques.

Deep Friction Massage techniques are deep massage strokes across the muscle fibres.

We often use this for breaking through scar tissue

Muscle Energy techniques.

Muscle Energy technique involves the patient gently contracting a muscle for a short time.

Importantly, we do this whilst it is being stretched.

This is a very effective technique for relaxing muscles and also for improving flexibility.e (ART).

 ART is a soft tissue technique.

Firstly involves stretching a muscle whilst also applying a pressure or massage.

This technique can be highly effective. However, it is an active and deep technique. Therefore it can be quite intense.

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre. The Guildhall Practice

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