Sports Injuries Birmingham

The team at the Guildhall Practice are passionate about sport and enabling you to perform at your best, regardless of the level of sport that you compete at. We are experienced in treating a wide variety of conditions, and we are eager to get to the root of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Sports Injuries Birmingham
Sports Injuries Birmingham

Running Injuries

All is not always quite what it seems when it comes to running injuries. Frequently it is the repetitive strain of running that causes pain at a particularly vulnerable site. A good example of this is pain within the Achilles tendon is almost always accompanied, and potentially caused by sustained contraction  of the calf muscles. In this situation stretching the tendon will most likely aggravate the situation , whereas soft tissue massage, acupuncture and taping of the calf muscle can reduce the referred strain and enable the tendon to settle.

We have long-established relationships with Birchfield Harriers, Tipton Harriers and the BRATS athletic and triathlete clubs. Our Director, Andrew Leask, was a track athlete in his youth and worked at Birchfield Harriers on club nights for a number of years, travelling with the club internationally to offer medical support.

Football Injuries

We have all of the expertise you need to feel confident that we can support you in your recovery from a football related sports injury. The Guildhall team includes Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Massage therapists , and we have an exercise studio where we can co-ordinate your rehabilitation.

Our Director, Andrew Leask works at St George’s Park and has bought many of the procedures and practices from the highest level of professional support to the Guildhall Practice.

Rugby Injuries

With a contact sport such as Rugby there’s always the potential for injury, and the need to play whilst injured.

Our team at the Guildhall Practice are passionate about enabling you to continue playing. Duncan Davis, Osteopath, has been working at the practice for five years, plays regularly for Redditch RFC, and frequently turns up on Monday mornings looking more than a little battered !




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