What is Pilates ?

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates and involves a routine of body conditioning exercises designed to improve your core strength. The exercise classes involve using controlled movements and breathing to control the deep muscles of the abdomen, and to encourage the alignment of the spine.

The intention of Pilates is to re-balance the core and spinal muscles, improving your core strength and helping you to maintain a better posture.


Pilates Birmingham. The Guildhall Practice.

Pilates Birmingham. The Guildhall Practice.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is an appropriate exercise for everyone. At the Guildhall Practice we are passionate about the fact that regardless of your age and level of physical fitness Pilates is suitable for you. At our Pilates classes you will find a whole range of people including young, old, people recovering from injury and elite athletes using Pilates to support their athletic training.

At the Guildhall Practice, in Kings Heath Birmingham, we have found Pilates very helpful  with the rehabilitation of patients with back and neck pain. We find that it can lead to improved posture.

Given that it is a low-impact exercise and slowly progressive, it is ideal for people who are returning to exercise.

The Class Size at The Guildhall Practice.

We believe passionately that Pilates can only be effectively taught in small groups. Technique is important and therefore the instructor needs to closely monitor everybody in the class.

In our Kings Heath Practice, we ensure that there are a maximum of five people in each of our Pilates classes. This enables the teacher to give close supervision and support to ensure good technique.

We run a number of classes including lunch time and evening classes.

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