Osteopathic Treatment

Case History.

Your first Osteopathic treatment at The Guildhall Practice will last between 45 minutes and an hour.

An assessment process will take place involving questions relating to your past medical history, your current general health your lifestyle and the presenting complaint. This consultation lasts between 45 minutes and an hour, in which time we aim to assess and diagnose your complaint and begin to treat you.

Please bring along any information you may have relating to medication that you may be taking and any results of tests, scans or x-rays that you have undergone as may be useful to the Osteopath.

Orthopaedic Testing.

Having taken the case history your Osteopath will carry out a series of postural and mobility tests which will evaluate your flexibility and help in determining a more accurate diagnosis. Your Osteopath may conduct further medical, orthopaedic or neurological tests. If this is necessary then they will explain their relevance as they proceed.


It is important to us that our patient’s feel comfortable during their osteopathic treatment. Your Osteopath will do their best to respect your modesty at all times, and it’s important that you communicate with them whenever you feel uncomfortable.

You will normally be asked to remove some of your clothing during the examination and treatment. Most patients undress to their underwear, however, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and are able to relax during your treatment. You may bring a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to change into before your assessment if it makes you feel more comfortable.

You are also free to bring along a friend or relative with you to act as your chaperone.

Osteopathic Treatment Birmingham
Osteopathic Treatment Birmingham


Osteopaths use their hands to assess areas tension, tenderness, restriction or strain and will perform various passive stretching movements to your joints to evaluate your mobility. Once your Osteopath has arrived at a diagnosis they will explain in detail what has gone wrong, often using models, pictures and diagrams to aid your understanding.

Your Osteopath will explain the most appropriate osteopathic treatment for you and give you an indication of how many treatments you are likely to need and how long it will take to improve your condition. It is our procedure at the Guildhall Practice that if there is no significant improvement within six treatments we reassess your case with a colleague.

If your osteopath is concerned about the potential of a more serious underlying condition you will be referred to the most appropriate specialist or referred back to your doctor for further investigations. In most cases we are able to commence treatment immediately.

The Osteopathic treatment normally takes the form of soft tissue massage, articulation, stretches and manipulation, however, treatment is different for every patient and depends on your age, fitness and diagnosis.

Homework !

At The Guildhall Practice we are keen for all of our patients to become better informed as to ways in which they may self manage an injury. We will give you advice with regards to your posture, ways in which you may adapt your work station, your diet and appropriate exercise.

Potential reaction to treatment.

Research has shown that frequently patients may feel some degree of aching following Osteopathic treatment, either at the site of the existing complaint or in some other area. This normally lasts for between 24-48 hours.

Although more intense symptoms are very rare, it is important that we know if any you experience any aggravation in your symptom patten. You can either speak to the receptionist on 0121 270 5373, or if the practice is closed then you can call the practice mobile phone on 07760757772.


By law, osteopaths must register with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). All of our Osteopaths are registered.

The British Medical Association’s guidance for general practitioners states that doctors should feel confident in referring directly to an Osteopath for treatment.




 0121 270 5373