Osteopath Kidderminster

The Guildhall Practice is a multi-disciplinary practice that was established in Birmingham in 1993, but we are expanding into Kidderminster. We are a team of Osteopaths working together, with the aim of offering the very best quality of treatment tailored according to your individual needs. Call Osteopath Kidderminster. 01212705373.

Osteopathic treatment is suitable for anyone, from newborn babies through to patients in their nineties ! Our treatments and management are effective for a wide range of complaints.

Whilst Osteopathy is well known for treating back pain, however, it is not the only thing that Osteopaths treat ! We primarily treat the neuro-musculo-skeletal system, aiming to affect the muscles and joints, by using an Osteopathic approach which is both holistic and patient-centred.

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Osteopath Kidderminster
Osteopath Kidderminster

Your Initial Osteopathic Consultation.

Your initial appointment at the Guildhall Practice will be for  forty five minutes. For follow up Osteopathic appointments we allow thirty minutes.

During the initial consultation your Osteopath will take a case history and take you through appropriate tests in order to diagnose your complaint. It is our experience that normally with most patients we are able to commence treatment immediately, during the first consultation.

What to expect during your initial consultation Osteopath Birmingham City Centre.

 The General Osteopathic Council, GOsC

Osteopathy is regulated in the UK by the General Osteopathic Council. GOsC. In order to practice osteopathy, all practitioners need to be registered with GOsC. Patients may be referred by their doctor, or may opt to see an osteopath independently.

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