Osteopath Birmingham City centre

The Guildhall Practice in Birmingham City Centre is one of the three practices we have opened in Birmingham. We are based in Newhall Street, on the corner of Cornwall Street, within the Colmore Business District.  

We are a group practice and also have clinics in Edgbaston and Kings Heath.

The Guildhall approach is more than simply pain relief. First and foremost it is our intent to offer the best support possible for patient. Critically, this support is both during acute episodes of pain and also throughout their rehabilitation.

Above all we want to give you the skills you need to better manage your recovery and to help prevent the injury returning.

Above all we are a patient-centred practice, therefore, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to provide the most effective and efficient treatment for you as an individual.

97% of our new patients said they would definitely recommend the Guildhall Practice.


As Osteopaths, we consider the body as an integrated whole. Therefore, we aim to not simply treat the painful region but to find the root cause. 

Importantly, a significant element in our training was to search more widely for issues that may be aggravating, or might have even caused the injury. In fact, this is what separates Osteopaths from most other physical therapists.

Finally, we will give you advise with regards to appropriate exercises. In order to reduce the chance of the injury or pain re-occurring.

97% of our new patients said they would definitely recommend the Guildhall Practice.

Osteopath Birmingham City Centre

Andrew Leask founded the Guildhall Practice in 1993.

The practice is well established, freindly and professional.

We have a passion for sport and, paricularly, for the treatment of sports-related injuries.

A number of international athletes use osteopathy in order to help themcompete at their best. However, similarly through osteopathc treatment we enable many patients simply to maintain an active lifestyle.

We conducted a survey of our new patients over the past twelve months. The question was simply. “How likely is it that you will recommend a close friend or family member to the Guildhall Practice ?” We are delighted that 97% gave 10/10 to the question.

The General Osteopathic Council, GOsC

It should be noted that as Osteopaths, we are well regulated in the UK.

We are all registered with the General Osteopathic Council, (GOsC), importantly we must demonstrate that we are continually developiong our skills and knowledge inorderto remain registered.

  • Morgan Fallon.  Registered Osteopath.
  • Andrew W. Leask.  Registered Osteopath.
  • Ruby Myatt. Registered Osteopath.
  • Simon Bell. Registered Osteopath.