The Guildhall Practice in Five Ways Edbaston is one of the three practices we have opened in Birmingham. We are located in Calthorpe Road, just off Five Ways traffic island.  

We are a group practice and also have clinics in Birmingham City Centre and in Kings Heath.

Andrew Leask, Osteopath started The Guildhall Practice in the centre of Birmingham twenty five years ago.

Although osteopathy is still a major element of the practice, we have expanded to also offer Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Pilates and Exercise rehabilitation.

First and foremost,regardless of which therapy you choose this holistic approach forms the bed-rock of every treatment plan.

Above all we are a patient-centred practice. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to provide the most effective and efficient treatment for you as an individual.

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Osteopath Five Ways Edgbaston Birmingham
Osteopath Five Ways Edgbaston Birmingham


Osteopathic treatment often includes soft tissue massage, articulation and stretching of affected joints, and manipulation when appropriate.

The techniques used will also depend upon your preferences, and will never include techniques that you may be uncomfortable with.

Last but not least your osteopath will frequently prescribe an exercise regime, in order to support you in your rehabilitation, and to help prevent the symptoms returning.

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Osteopath Five Ways Edgbaston Birmingham

Osteopath Five Ways Edgbaston Birmingham

The Guildhall Practice is well known for the treatmenyt of sport, dance and performance related injuries.

We are passionate about  sport, and are proud of our long-standing connection with competitive athletes and Birchfield Harriers.

Andrew also worked at St George’s Park, the national centre for English football.

Importantly, we want to support you in reaching your full potential. Therefore, regardless of the level sport that you compete at.

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