Osteopath Edgbaston Birmingham

The Guildhall Practice provides osteopathic treatment in Edgbaston Birmingham. It is one of the three practices that we have in the area. We are a group practice and we also have clinics in Birmingham City Centre and Kings Heath.

First and foremost every member of the team is determined to support our patients in their recovery. Therefore, we invest our collective knowledge, experience and most importantly our passion for healthcare to achieve this.

Osteopath, Andrew Leask, set up The Guildhall Practice almost thirty years ago ago. Osteopathy is still a major element of the practice. However, we have expanded over the years and now offer Physiotherapy, Sports Massage. We also offer classes in Pilates and Exercise classes.

Above all we are a patient-centred practice. Therefore, we do everything we can to provide the most effective and efficient treatment for you as an individual.

You can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

97% of patients after their first treatment gave 10/10 when asked:

“How likely are you to recommend a close friend or family member”


As Osteopaths we take a holistic approach to health. This definitely helps us to understand the root cause of pain, injury or illness. Therefore, unlike most other physical therapies we search for the cause, rather than focusing treatment on the symptoms.

Osteopathy is built upon the principal that the structure and the function of the body is intricately connected. Therefore, our well-being depends upon the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues all functioning smoothly together.

 Osteopathic treatment often includes massage, mobilisation and frequently guidance with regards exercise, lifestyle and nutrition.

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Osteopath Edgbaston Birmingham

The team at the Guildhall Practice have developed very close connections with a large number of performance arts companies in Birmingham.

We are particularly proud of our support for local dancers and dance companies in Birmingham. These include The Birmingham Royal Ballet, ACE dance and music, The DanceXchange and the Rosie Kay Dance Company.

The osteopathic approach is especially well suited to athletes and dancers. This is because it considers the body as a whole, rather than the individual elements. Above all, this is what defines osteopathy from most other physical therapists.

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Osteopath Edgbaston Birmingham

Andrew W. Leask.  Registered Osteopath.

Morgan Fallon. Registered Osteopath.

Ruby Myatt. Registered Osteopath.

Simon Bell. Registered Osteopath.