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If you are searching for Physiotherapists in Birmingham city centre then you have come to the right place.

There really is no need for you to suffer pain when treatment can so often help. A t the Guildhall Practice our Physiotherapists are experienced in treating a wide variety of injuries.

Our treatment is comprehensive and based upon the latest medical research

Although our aim is to ease the pain, we aim to understand why  injury occurred in the first place. Sometimes it’s an unavoidable accident, however, it’s often the fact that there was some degree of weaknesses that have led to the injury occurring.

Guildhall Physiotherapist Birmingham …

Guildhall Physiotherapist Birmingham …

Guildhall Physiotherapist Birmingham

Dance and Sports related Injury.

The treatment of sports and dance related Injury is one of our specialist areas.Our Birmingham based physiotherapists all have a passion for  sport and have been actively involved with sports teams, elite athletes, and/or professional dancers.

Although we treat a number of high performing athletes and dancers,we apply the same standard of care to all of our patients.

Guildhall Physiotherapy …

Guildhall Physiotherapy …

Guildhall Physiotherapy

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Surgery is often only the beginning of a process, and it is important that you ensure that you are both prepared and rehabilitated  properly.

Post operative rehabilitation is important because whilst surgery may repair the damaged tissue at the heart of the problem it may not correct the way in which your body has adapted to the problem. Post-op rehabilitation and treatment deals with the swelling and scarring left over from surgery, the associated problems that developed as a result of your injury and helps ensure the restoration of normal function. We will maintain communication throughout your treatment with your consultant.

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